Tree Lopping

Tree lopping can help people have more control over the look of their trees by lopping branches. An experienced TLC tree lopper can use the technique to create pleasing shapes with the branches or control the figure of the tree itself. In some cases, people even cut or trim branches to make them look prettier. A typical example is the practice of “lion tailing,” which involves removing the side branches from a single branch, except the ones at the very end, for a nice, fairytale-like look.
In some cases, aesthetic tree looping should be avoided. While it may look gorgeous, it might decrease the stability of a tree and cause issues in case of weathering. Tree Lopping could also potentially undermine the health of a tree for various reasons, but more importantly, because trees may lose up a lot of their foliage through the practice. As you may know, leaves are vital to a tree, because they allow it to process nutrients. Without enough leaves, the tree may quite literally starve itself and deteriorate. Weaker trees, in turn, are known to be more prone to parasite infestations or other problems.
Safety is arguably the main reason why people perform tree trimming, lopping, and other pruning operations. Tall trees might cause some concern, as they might damage your estate or the property of a neighborhood. Tall trees might also be less stable during storms or extreme wind conditions, which could cause them to fall or drop branches dangerously.

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